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Stop Press! One Club has been approved! Thank you to the 40,269 people that registered their support!!!
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Former Port player, coach and now ONE PAFC advocate Tim Ginever.

I loved being a Port Adelaide player. It wasn't just my club but my passion, my belief.

I tried to play in the spirit of heroes before me - Quinn, Williams, Cahill, Ebert, it was a dream come true.

As Port Adelaide players we weren't just playing in the moment, we were making history, and building on a foundation, a spirit, something built long before, we were helping to create the most successful club in the country.

But we were also playing for something else - the future. We had to win Premiership after Premiership to ensure the club got the AFL licence it deserved……History will show we did it.

Even though I never carried on the dream in the AFL, I'm every bit as proud of the Power as I am the Magpies.


Because both teams share the same birthplace, the same heritage, the same history….the same passion.

Today we have a divided club and sadly a divided Port Adelaide Community.

How this happened is irrelevant. But what is relevant, very real, and very critical is how we deal with the NOW……It's about our future.

It's vital we move from a club divided to a club united - re-unite and re-ignite our passion and make Port Adelaide the proud football club we love.

This is a crucial moment…..a moment that will show the strength of the Port and it's people.

Our history designed us, our future will define us.

We MUST declare in one voice, together.

We are one Port Adelaide Football Club.

Join me at onepafc.com.au and register your support.

Tim Ginever.

Strategy Page


One PAFC is proposed to align the 300,000 Port Adelaide supporters and members with a common vision so the Port Adelaide Football Community is as one CLUB again.

Magpies and the Power to co exist as one CLUB - the Port Adelaide Football Club

One in the SANFL and One in the AFL

Aligning both clubs will help to rebuild a strong foundation for both clubs to grow in the future.

Commercially, disenchanted supporters will embrace the Port Adelaide Football Club again with memberships and attendances on match days. A refurbished Prince of Wales Hotel will provide a strong revenue stream.

To unify the Port Adelaide Football Club we need your help to ignite the Port Adelaide Passion and gain 50,000 registrations to show the support one Port Adelaide Football Club has in the football community.

Register a vote for a strong modern Port Adelaide Football Club that is essential in our sporting community in South Australia, and would continue to provide for future generations of the Port Adelaide Football community.


A moment in time that will show the strength, the passion of the Port Adelaide Football Club…..Please register your support on the next screen.